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Recording solutions to provide better quality, reliability and accountability

Voice Recording is an essential part of any contact center to ensure quality of service, reliability as well as to record & authenticate valuable information being communicated. It also aids in mitigating risk, preventing fraud and facilitating more effective dispute resolution, making it the required solution for wide range of businesses including financial institutions, emergency response centers, transportation, travel, consultation service providers, healthcare and government.

Keeping this is mind, we provide full-featured, enterprise-class voice recording, storage and retrieval solution that scales seamlessly for any size of business, from Small/Medium Enterprise (SME) to large businesses. We also provide recording solution that supports up to 1500 concurrent full-duplex VoIP calls on a single recording server, which means fewer system components are needed to support large volumes of calls, reducing management and hardware costs.

We provide solutions that ensures enterprise strength security. Any recording tampering can be easily detected, ensuring the use of recordings as evidence if required.

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